You’re a fake.

You’re a fake. You’re a fraud. And you’re about to get found out.

None of this is actually true, but most of us think, feel, and believe this. It’s known as
Imposter Syndrome, and apparently about 70% of us suffer from this at some point in
our career.

I certainly have, certainly do, and so many of the amazing people I work with
also have this. If this applies to you, one the best things you can start doing for yourself
is to start listening to the feedback people give you and write it down. Keep hold of it.

But most importantly, start acknowledging yourself for who you are, everything you
have achieved up until this point, and what you do bring to the situation.

So my request is that you start doing that on a regular, if not daily, basis – because
otherwise this Imposter Syndrome will hold you back.

I would love to hear you thoughts and experiences of this below.


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