YOU always have a choice

You always have a choice, especially when you think you don’t. So if there’s something you really want to do or you wanted to do for ages, but then that voice in your head pops and says, “You can’t do that. You should do this instead. That’s not possible for you,” just stop and know that that isn’t actually your voice.

What happens for all of us is as we’re growing up we take on the rules and regulations of those around us, so our family, our school system, our culture in order to survive and belong, all normal, but what happens is is they stay with us and as we get more in touch with who we really are they start limiting us and holding us back.

So next time you hear that voice in your head say, “You can’t do that,” or “You should do this instead,” stop, and ask yourself the question, “How is it serving me right now to listen to this voice?” and if it’s not, send it off and do it anyway.


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There is no such thing as perfect.
If you keep going for perfection you will never be content.

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