Spending many years as a producer and director for the BBC, I climbed the career ladder only to fall out from a great height once I had my daughter in 2006. I realised that I couldn’t raise her in the way I wanted to, and do the work I loved. I wanted more – but what? Something had to change – but what? Coaching gave me the answers I so desperately wanted.

I retrained as a coach in 2008. My training, professional development and time spent with hundreds of clients since has given me the courage, clarity, focus and motivation to totally change my life. My life is now unrecognisable from how it was then.


Through coaching, I help clients to see that their life doesn’t need to follow a safe, stagnant and unsatisfactory path. Through coaching, I help clients realise they have options; they can create the life they dream of. Coaching gives them the confidence to listen to that quiet voice inside them which wants more from life.

Because of the work I do, I see the power of coaching every day. I really want to make coaching mainstream; as accepted as seeing a personal trainer.


A while ago I began to see that that my clients had one thing in common. They’d all been swept away by what they thought they should be doing; living by the spoken and unspoken rules they absorbed in early life. By the time they came to see me they just didn’t feel right. Something was wrong in their lives but they couldn’t pinpoint what that was, and had no idea what to do about it.

I talked about this with other coaches, and they agreed their clients were facing similar issues. Slowly, five core principles emerged as a powerful framework which was instrumental in holding my clients and helping them change their lives.

By working on these five core principles countless times with many people, I’ve seen lives turned around. Now I want you to have a happier, more fulfilled and meaningful life. It really is possible. And you can start the process slowly and gently, in just 5 minutes a day, by watching a video or reading a blog.


Rina Gohel
Lloyds Banking Group

“Working with Sue was
life changing. I am shocked at the
change and progress I have made
in the past four months.”

Business Consultant

“I did not expect coaching to have
such a significant impact.”

Staff Engagement Manager

“I went to see Sue when I felt
desperate, frustrated and bleak.
Sue was very honest from the start
about how much work it  would
take, but that if I put the work in,
it would change my life.
She was right!”

Managing Partner, Advertising

“Sue has been fantastic, and the
impact of working with her was much
quicker than I expected – at one point
I was seeing big changes week on week.
I would recommend working
with Sue to anyone.
I’m only sorry I didn’t do it sooner!”

Marketing manager

“Coaching with
Sue is like meeting
the real you.”

Finance Director

“I went to see Sue when
I had a real lack of clarity and
didn’t know what I wanted to do
with the next phase of my life.
Now, things I didn’t think were possible
are suddenly perfectly doable.
I would highly recommend
coaching with Sue.”

To find out a bit more about me and why I do this work here’s a recent clip taken from my ‘What’s Your Why’ corporate workshop, interviewed by Graham Kemp, Director, Marketing Agencies Action Group (MAAG)